Paint Pottery at home!

How to schedule safe pick ups and deliveries from Color Me Mine UWS

Our UWS studio is OPEN for outdoor painting.  We have a few tables available respecting social distancing guidelines in our city.  If you prefer to paint at home, we are still able to offer our products online for delivery or pick up! 

After you place your online order, we'll pick and pack your items along with a set of brushes and your choice of  colors.    We are currently offering pick ups/ deliveries and drop offs 7 days a week! 




Q. How do I order online?

A. Browse our online selection here, add to cart and purchase on this website.

Q. When should I expect delivery or curbside pickup? 

A. Mondays - Fridays between 12 pm-6pm and Saturday and Sundays 10 am - 7 pm

Q. Do I have to use your underglazes?

A. Yes. Due to safety, glazing and firing concern, all underglaze paints MUST be from Color Me Mine ONLY. 

Q. Can I buy pottery only?

A. Yes you can! Just write in the notes section of your order that you do not need any brushes or paints.   Please note, if you want your item fired in our kilns we are only able to accept pottery that has been painted with Color Me Mine underglaze paints. We are UNABLE to glaze and fire any ceramics painted with "unrelated outside" non Color Me Mine paints or underglazes. No exceptions! 

Q. Can I mix acrylics and glazes?

A. Do NOT use acrylics if you want your item fired.  You can choose to use your own acrylics and your item doesn't need to be fired at all

Q. What is the difference between acrylics and glazes?

A. Acrylics are for display only items. See our full article here

Q. Do I have to return paint brushes & paints? 

A. NO! You get to keep paint brushes and left over paints. 

Q. Do I need to pay a fee when I bring the item back for glazing and firing?

A. NO! Your item price online includes paints, brushes, glazing and firing

 Q. I never painted pottery before and don't know how it works?

A. Absolutely not a problem! We will provide you with a set of printed instructions or you can view it anytime here.

 Q. What if I have more questions?

A. We’re here to help! Please feel free to call us (212) 877-0007, or email


 We are looking forward to welcome painters in the studio very soon!